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Truly, the Spirit of the Golden Cards lives on... See you on the pitch!

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Manchester United 'Captain' Noel Cantwell (left) and Leicester City's 'Captain' Colin Appleton (right)
shake hands before the 1963 FA Cup Final as Referee - Ken Aston MBE looks on.
SIR Kenneth G. Aston... MBE,JP,Esq. - Inventor of the Yellow and Red cards

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Soccer as in 'Life'... more to come!!!
Kenneth George "Ken" Aston, MBE was born ago on Wednesday ~ September 01, 1915.
Sir Ken Aston MBE introduced the... "Golden Cards" ago at the 1970 World Cup.
We also lost Sir Ken Aston MBE a great... Referee & Mentor ago on... Tuesday ~ October 23, 2001 at 86 years.
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