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Godfrey Phillips was founded by an 18 year old entrepreneur in 1844. It was one of the first tobacco companies to issue cigarette cards. The first set was published in 1904 and featured anonymous pin-up girls.

Pinnace, a company based at 112, Commercial St, produced cards for Godfrey Phillips. In 1920 the company issued a series of 1,100 football cards. This was followed by 2,462 in 1922 and 940 in 1923.

Godfrey Phillips (1920)

In the 1930s several companies produced painted portraits of football players. Major companies had their own studios devoted entirely to the production of cigarette cards. Godfrey Phillips was also active in this market and produced some very attractive sets during this period. Soccer Stars in 1936 included Ted Drake, Charlie Phillips, Alf Young, Bob Gurney, Jimmy Connor, Hughie Gallacher, Cliff Bastin, Raich Carter, Sammy Crooks, George Camsell, James Marshall, Dixie Dean and Wally Boyes.

Raich Carter Jimmy Connor Bob Gurney
Charlie Phillips Wally Boyes Ted Drake
Famous Footballers also appeared in 1936 and the following year saw the publication of International Caps. This series included Albert Geldard, Cliff Britton, Cliff Bastin, George Camsell, Alex James, Patsy Gallacher, Stanley Matthews, Bob Gurney, Ray Westwood, Joe Bambrick, Eddie Hapgood, Edwin Bowden, Eric Brook, James Marshall, Sammy Crooks, Dixie Dean, Ray John, and Hughie Gallacher.

Henry Hibbs Joe Bambrick Sammy Crooks
Albert Geldard Ray John Patsy Gallacher

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