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Paul Trevillion
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Paul Trevillion
Paul Trevillion was born in Tottenham in 1934. At the age of 18 he began contributing drawings to the Spurs magazine, The Lilywhite. Three years later he was commissioned by the People for the weekly strip, "Hey Ref".

Trevillion also contributed drawings of footballers for The Sporting Review, Sport Express and the Evening Standard. In the 1950s he produced portraits of famous footballers as part of the Soccer Sketchbook series. He also provided drawings of people such as Winston Churchill.

In the late 1950s Trevillion became the artist who was responsible for the Roy of the Rovers strip in the Tiger comic. In 1969 Trevillion began work for Shoot Magazine. This included the You are the Ref strip. In 1970 he created a great deal of controversy when he drew Evonne Goolagong in the nude for The Sun newspaper.

Trevillion has provided the drawings for several books including Dead Heat: Ryder Cup Classic (1969), World Football at Your Feet (1970), King Pele (1971), Soccer Skills (1992), World Cup Masterpieces (1998), You are the Ref (2006) and Celebrating 50 Years of Sporting Art (2007).

Trevillion then moved to the United States where he worked with Mark McCormack. He returned to the England and in 2006 he drew the You are the Ref strip for The Observer.

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