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This Annual event has been going since... 2002 in honor of SIR KEN ASTON MBE who was a Head Schoolmaster in Essex County

1950 thru 1956 - The Football Association Presentation Medals
Presented to K.G. Aston to commemorate his appointment as Referee for the International Youth Football League.

1955 - The Football Association Presentation Medals
Presented to K.G. Aston to commemorate his appointment as Referee in the matches.

Ken Aston - Referee Badges Collection

1960 - First Intercontinental Cup presented to Ken Aston

1960 - Real Madrid Passport Cover given to Ken Aston

1960 Silver Cigarette Case Presented by Real Madrid with Clear Front Cover

1960 Silver Cigarette Case Presented by Real Madrid Back Side

1961 Sweden v Switzerland World Cup Qualifier dinner menu and program
Sweden won 4 -0 Ken Aston refereed the match and comes c/w the after dinner banquet menu with reference to Ken Aston together with the match program

1963 FA Cup Final Dinner and Dance signed Menu (and football program)
Manchester United (winners) vs Leicester City Signed by Matt Busby personalized to Ken Aston - together with The Cup Final program

Ken Aston - FIFA & AYSO pin, money and tie clips collection

Ken Aston - FIFA & AYSO 50 personal items badges cufflinks tie pins collection

Ken Aston - -AYSO Badges and Pins from different Regions from 1983 to 2001

1962 Football World Cup Ken Aston FIFA ID Photo

1962 - Ken Aston Awards Presentaions

1963 - Collection of Medallions and Official Badges

1963 - Ken Aston letters & notes for being the Referee

1963 - Letter to Ken Aston for being the Referee in the FA Cup Final

1966 - Official FIFA Table Placemats Six mats presented to Ken-Aston

1966 FIFA World Championship Jules Rimet Cup - Banquet Menu

1966 - World Cup Willie Christmas Card sent in 1965 to Ken-Aston

Ken Aston - 1970 Mexico World Cup... Best Wishes from Abraham Klein

Ken Aston Archive: 1970 - Ken Aston Mexico World Cup Presentation

Ken Aston - 1970 World Cup Mexico Football Association Presentation

1973 - Cup Presentation from Brasil Presented to Ken Aston

1974 thru 1978 - Ken Aston World Cup Publications

1974 - Ken Aston FIFA World Cup Prep Paper Work

1977 - Israel Football Association Honorary Member Ken Aston Presentation

1994 - World Cup Presentation Pin and Coin Set Presented to Ken Aston

2001 - Ken Aston - English Schools Football Association Gold Award - 50 years of Service

2001 - Ken Aston - TheFA & ScottishFA & TheFB 50 years of Service Set

2001 [Left] & 2002 [Right] - Ken Aston - FIFA Memorial Cards Set

Ken Aston - Korea Football Association Presentation Cream Dispenser [LEFT] & TEA Kittle [RIGHT]

Ken Aston - Match of the Day Collection

Ken Aston - Montage of pin and cloth badges collection

Ken Aston - Pennant Banner

Ken Aston - Pennant Banners

Ken Aston's - Original & Personnel Red & Yellow Flags

Some of the Photo's courtesy of...,, John Shield & Leslie Millman 

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