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Brian Davies Announcement & Comments

Photo of Ken Aston by Rich Richins, with Jim Clark, and Phil Dempson

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From: Brian Davies
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 4:17 PM
To: Greenwood, Robert

Subject: RE: Ken Aston


It is true, to my deep sorrow, that Ken passed away at 9:00 am British time on Tuesday October 23rd. I have been in communication with Hilda for the last several days and she is bearing up pretty well considering the situation. It began with Ken having hip replacement surgery and progressed downhill from there when the day afterward he had a cardiac arrest. He was revived from that and moved into Intensive Care where he recovered enough by Sunday to speak to Hilda, Peter, his son and Carole his daughter in law. Then today, due to a heart attack caused by a blood clot, he passed away. He was a wonderful influence for the good of refereeing both in AYSO and in general. I can't tell you how fond of he and Hilda Joan and I had become. He will be missed enormously. Please pass on to the List Server that cards and letters may be sent to:

Mrs. Hilda Aston and Family at 8 Trinity Rd, Barkingside Ilford,

Essex 1G6 2BQ, England.

Hilda also wants it known that Ken did not like flowers at funerals so they should absolutely NOT be sent.

Thank you,


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From: Rich Richins

Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 10:38 PM

To: Andrew Castiglione

Subject: Photo of Ken Aston

Photo of Ken Aston by Rich Richins, with Jim Clark, and Phil Dempson

Shot was taken at the Ken Aston Cup some years ago (10th annual).

That's Jim Clark, myself and Phil Dempson standing with Ken.

I got Ken to sign the photo a couple of years later at the Ken Aston Camp

(I was training to become an instructor).

I feel fortunate that our paths crossed a few times.

play on...


(Rich Richins)

We welcome any photo's or stories of Ken Aston you would like to share here in this section of the website
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