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Ken Aston gave us praise and a "jolly good show."

An encounter with him at Ken Aston Cup in 1999.

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At the time we were all section referees when we entered the Ken Aston Cup in 1999. We had just finished a boys U14 game on field which had to be the hottest game in the tournament in the bowl at Mission Viejo

(Sweat on forehead and lack of sunscreen.)

We felt honored that Ken was watching the last part of our game.

We spoke with him briefly afterwards, and then ask to take a photo with him.

Ken gave us praise and a "jolly good show."

Thanks for asking we to be a part of this special tribute to Ken.

In the Sprit of the Golden Thread

Edward McClure
ARA(in training)
N1 Referee
Grade 2 Assessor
Grade 4 Instructor

Carrier of the torch for Ken's Sprit of the Game.

P.S. Just trying to keep-up with you :)

We welcome any photo's or stories of Ken Aston you would like to share here in this section of the website
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