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The many facets of Ken Aston, was there no end to them?

An Ode to Advantage ’97 by Ken Aston

Submitted by Phil Dempsen

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The many facets of Ken Aston, was there no end to them?

I was fortunate to meet Ken a number of times over the last ten years, at the Ken Aston Camp, the Ken Aston Cup, and Advantage '97 to name a few. Ken left a large mark on my life, and in his memory I have dedicated myself to helping remove the act of carding from kids' games.

I a have few treasured mementos from Ken; an autographed copy of a photograph of my buds and I with Ken at the Cup in 1995 is prominent.

But also, I spent a treasured weekend with Ken at Redlands in 1997 at the Advantage weekend.

During the weekend, Ken penned the following poem. Each of the attendees received a hand-written copy of Ken's poem.

I've extracted the text of the poem below:

An Ode to Advantage ’97

by Ken Aston

Rank by rank again we stand
from the four winds gathered hither;
Refs and coaches hand in hand
how do they ever come to differ?

They’re quite united in their aim
to give enjoyment to the kids.
They’re volunteers and in the main
Have splendid people in their midst!

The difference is, I’m sad to say
is how they contemplate the play.
The coaches like to win the game.
The refs see fairness as the aim.

The children don’t do what they’re taught
which makes their coach become quite fraught.
And this frustration gets transferred
towards the ref with angry word.

Dear Friends, let’s all accept the fact
to do our jobs we must use tact -
We do our best, what e’er our role,
for best enjoyment - that’s the goal!

Let’s work together this weekend
and broken bridges strive to mend.
To understand each other’s view
so harmony will then ensue.

~Phil Dempsen~


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