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Referee innovator Ken Aston has died

Inventor of RED and YELLOW Cards

Football innovator Ken Aston has died
Inventor of red and yellow cards

Ken Aston, the English football referee who invented the disciplinary red and yellow cards, died on 23 October, aged 86.

Ken Aston thought of the yellow and red cards while sitting at a traffic light after attending the 1966 World Cup quarter-final between England and Argentina. Newspapers had reported that both Jack and Bobby Charlton had been booked, but there was no public indication of this from the referee. According to an obituary in The Times of London, Aston pondered how to make the position clearer. "As I drove down Kensington High Street, the traffic light turned red. I thought, 'Yellow, take it easy; red, stop, you're off'." Red and yellow cards were introduced to the game at the World Cup finals in Mexico in 1970.

In its December edition, FIFA Magazine will pay tribute to Aston and his outstanding contribution to refereeing.

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