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An Email from Son, Peter Aston

Email to Bill Mason regarding “Iran News”

Article dated October 28, 2001 about his Father’s Death

Announcement to the Country of IRAN
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From: Bill Mason
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2002 10:29 PM
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Sunday, 6 January 2002


Attached is... a _JPG File_ [which is lost due to hard crash] that Peter Aston sent me from the "Iran News" of October 28th, two days after Ken’s death. I think people will find it of interest, especially since Ken last instructed in Iran more than 20 years ago.

It does contain four errors. We should include these corrections so that readers won’t be confused with what they have read elsewhere:

(1) Ken died at age 86, not 85.

(2) The cards were first used in the 1970 Mexico World Cup, not in England 1966.

(3) Ken was sitting in his MG sports car waiting for the lights to change, not standing at the intersection.

(4) Ken became chairman of the FIFA Referees_ Committee in 1970. He was in charge of the referees in 1966, the same year he was appointed to the committee.

What is important is that he is still remembered in Iran. After some 20 plus years, we can't fault them for not getting some of the details quite correct.

Bill Mason

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