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Salutes Ken Aston

A Man of Many Accomplishments
AYSO Salutes... Ken Aston

A Man of Many Accomplishments

World Cup referee, youth coach, judge, WWII hero-Ken Aston was a man of many accomplishments. Ken died this past October and the world of soccer will miss him greatly.

Ken Aston was the man who came up with the idea of giving yellow or red cards in soccer and his reputation as a first-rate referee is recognized throughout the soccer world. Likewise, Ken's influence on AYSO, its referee program, and its many referees, over the past 20 years had a significant result.

Last summer at the 2001 National Games at West Point, Ken shared with AYSO President Joel Mark that "AYSO has the best-trained amateur referees in the World." That's pretty high praise from a man who was honored by the Queen of England for his contributions to the sport of soccer.

To AYSO players and volunteers over the years, Ken's smile and happy nature encouraged friendship, his grand sense of humor motivated hard work, and his handshake inspired lasting loyalty.

According to Bill Mason, long time-AYSO referee and close friend of Ken's for about 20 years, no one understood the true Spirit of the Laws better than Ken.

"Ken could give the clear, incisive interpretations that reflected that Spirit and left us without questions," says Bill.

Perhaps AYSO veteran referee John Enroth, best summed up Ken's influence on AYSO like this:

"Ken taught the AYSO referee how to apply the laws as they were meant to be. He helped us look into the soul of a referee and see the difficult task each referee has to prepare for the match. He taught us how to read the game, understand game tactics, and protect skilled players from the not-so-skilled. He gently reminded us that we have a responsibility to apply the spirit as well as the letter of the laws in a way that would preserve the integrity of the game, yet maintain its enjoyment. Ken taught us that officiating is fun."

AYSO volunteers will miss Ken, but this true gentleman of soccer will live forever through his contributions to our organization-and to our sport.
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