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“Referee Report”

By Dave Emmons, Area Referee
The AYSO family as well as the entire soccer world lost a great friend in Ken Aston who passed away last month at his home in England. Ken Aston was the foremost referee in professional soccer from the 1940s through 1970. He was the inventor of the Red and Yellow Cards as well as the flags for the Assistant Referees. Ken enjoyed a long history and influence on the beautiful game and was bestowed the MBE (Member British Empire) by the Queen for his work in supporting soccer in America.

Ken Aston was a great friend to AYSO serving on advisory committees and teaching refereeing clinics. Those who were fortunate enough to have attended will not forget the annual Ken Aston Camps for referees. I was one of those lucky people this past summer at the camp in Long Beach. Campers would gather as Ken recapped his "tales from the pitch". His stories were often humorous such as when the entire crowd at Wembley Stadium counted off his paces when giving relief for a free kick. Sometimes they were serious as he recounted about a young Jewish man at Aushwitz who avoided certain death due to his ability to referee the guards’ soccer matches. His stories came from all aspects of the game and one thing was certain: all of Ken’s stories were, in his words, true.

Farewell Sir Aston, you have been a great asset to our sport and a true friend to AYSO.

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