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Truly a father figure, if one were needed…

By… Mike Holden [Student 1964-1971]
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Ken Aston was, for a time, Headmaster of Newbury Park Primary/Junior school which I attended from 1964-1971. I will always remember his air of calm but all pervading authority. As an 11-year-old school prefect, soon to be promoted to the dreaded Ilford County High, I observed what would now be known as racist abuse from a younger child, directed at an Asian supply teacher. My parents rightly suggested that this be reported, as I was very troubled by my upset at hearing the abuse and the conflict between that and "telling tales".

Mr. Aston requested my presence in his office after one lunchtime break after I had reluctantly reported the incident to the kind and understanding Mrs. Allsopp. I went to his office, past the offending individual (standing on the touchline of the indoor tennis court) to be greeted by "Sir". The resulting interview not only put my young mind at rest as to my motives for reporting the incident, but also scared (if that's the right word- he was very imposing!) the other young lad into abject apology. The way he dealt with that situation involving primary school kids has remained with me for over 30 years and is an example of his complete and utter fairness.

Truly a father figure, if one were needed. He should have been made a Judge!

God Bless Him...

Mike Holden - [Student 1964-1971]

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