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The New Referee System in Iran is indebted to... Mr. Ken Aston

By Seyed Reza Ghiassi *
Former Head, Referee’s Committee of Iranian Football Federation.
In my country like all other countries which were members of FIFA, soccer has been played according to the rules of the International Football Association Board with the distinction that our referees were mostly operating based on accumulated experience rather than classical training.

The difference between the styles of Iranian Referees and those of the advanced world of soccer became more evident, when Mr. Ken Aston conducted a training workshop in 1969.

The Iranian referees who attended his class will never forget Mr. Ken Aston, because he opened their eyes to the secrets of refereeing system of advanced Football. I was only 21 years old when I took part in that workshop and learned a lot from his immense knowledge and benefited from the experiences he shared with me without any hesitation.

I owe to this encounter my rise to the head of the Referee’s Committee of Iranian Football Federation which I served for four years.

I am proud to testify that many of the referees who started during my tenure all were influenced by the style and teachings of Mr. Ken Aston as his beliefs and thoughts were passed on heart to heart from the one generation to the others. I was showered with his teachings on two other occasions. Unfortunately, I had not heard of him till I encountered accidentally your site which is named after him.

I was deeply moved to learn that he is no longer with us. His physical absence in this mortal world,(sad as it may be) is not significant because of the shining presence of his ideas, teachings and contributions to this field. He is still with us in his spirit since his sayings and teachings are prevalent in our conversations.

I wish you success in advancing the ideas and principles that Mr. Ken Aston stood for.

By Seyed Reza Ghiassi *
Former Head, Referee’s Committee of Iranian Football Federation.
• He currently serves as an Expert Referee and Football Commentator in radio and television of Islamic Republic of Iran, writes for sport magazines and contributes to the following sport related site:

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