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A headmaster of the highest quality

By… Joe Morris
Former pupil of Newbury Park Primary School 1969-1974
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Joe Morris- former pupil of Newbury Park primary school 1969-1974

I think I speak on behalf on all of his pupils at Newbury Park School when I say that Ken Aston (or sir as we knew him) was the quintessential gentleman and the epitome of charm. He'll always be remembered for the active role he took in my family and the lively interest he showed in all his pupils. He was an enormously kind and sympathetic man with a wonderful sense of humor. He was also tall, elegant and deeply admired by both parents and pupils. And last but not least he was the finest referee Britain has ever produced. Any man who tries to reason with Rattin deserves praise of the highest order. Thank You Mr. Ken Aston you were a giant and will never be forgotten. A headmaster of the highest quality.


Joe Morris

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