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1. After the game, the players are shaking hands, and a player on Team A swears at a player on Team B.  You overhear this as you record the score.  Do you call a foul?

Yes, he is guilty of unsporting behavior
No, a foul must occur while the ball is in play
No, rules can't be enforced after the game is over

2. During the coin toss before the match, the United captain spits on the City captain.  What course of action should you take?

Caution the United captain as you cannot send anyone off before the match has started
Send off the United captain and tell United they have to play with 10 men
Send off the United captain and let a substitute take his place

3. Manchester City are about to take a corner kick when a Newcastle United defender punches the City centre forward.  What course of action do you take?

Nothing. The ball is not in play
Send off the United defender and re-start the game with the corner
Send off the United defender and award City an indirect free kick at the point of the foul

4. Team A is setting up for a free kick. A defender goes to kick the ball, but he realizes that his kick isn't very powerful.  He turns around and passes back to the goalkeeper.  The goalkeeper, caught off guard is unable to save the ball as it rolls into the goal. What's the call?

No goal - a goal kick is taken
However unfortunate, it's an own goal. Time for a kick-off!
No goal - a corner kick is taken

5. Ryde City has a corner.  The ball is crossed into the box and is met with a thumping header by the Ryde City center forward.  However, the ball is bound for the bottom corner of the net when it deflects off the referee and wide of the post.  What is the correct decision?

Dropped Ball
Goal Kick

6. The Manchester United centre forward races clear of the Birmingham City defense with only the goalkeeper to beat.  As the goal keeper comes out to close the angle, the centre forward makes a forward pass to his midfield teammate.  There is only the goalkeeper between both United players and the City goal line.  Is the United midfielder offside?


7. Which of the following is not an offence that requires a caution to be issued to the offending player?

Delays the restart of play
Tripping an opponent
Shows dissent by word or action

8. Parramatta City is awarded a penalty kick.  The city number 9 takes the kick, but before he strikes the ball, one of his teammates enters the penalty area.  The Dundas United keeper makes a great save and tips the ball around the post and over the goal line.  What action do you take?

Indirect Free Kick to Dundas United
Re-take the Penalty

9. A Fairfield City defender in taking a throw in, does not have both of his feet behind the touchline at the point of release.  Is this a foul throw?


10. A corner kick to Wentworth Falls is met with a header from their centre forward.  The ball is travelling wide of the post but a Blaxland City defender, thinking it is going into the goal, sticks out his hand and deflects the ball over the goal line. The Blaxland City defender was in the penalty area at the point of contact.  What is your decision?

Penalty and Caution the Blaxland City Defender for Unsporting Behavior
Penalty and Dismiss the Blaxland City defender for deliberate handball
Penalty kick to Wentworth Falls with no further action

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