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Sports Nutrition for Officiating
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Sports Nutrition for Officiating

The Bottom Line

Basic sport nutrition is fuel refuel repair recover. You must insist that any worthwhile supplier has products that meet this criteria and they must first ask what your aims are!

The key element of any choice of Sports Nutrition product is ‘What are you trying to achieve?’ There are many benefits to be gained from adopting a sports nutrition product but they have to be aimed at specific needs. For example, a body builder who needs bulking up will have different requirements to a basketball official, a basketball official needs will vary to a soccer player.

The basics of sports nutrition are – fuel – refuel – repair – recover. Fuel 30 minutes before, refuel during, repair within 2 hours and recover taken within hours over a few days.

Sports Nutrition Supplements — Keep Your Choices Simple

The best sports nutrition is good nutrition. Eat well, train hard and your body will reward you with top performance. The philosophy of this sports nutrition supplement site is about keeping it simple! By "it" I mean your approach to using sports nutrition supplements like protein powder, weight loss pills, and bodybuilding supplements.

After all, personal fitness is not about popping pills or spending money on sports supplements with wild advertising claims, right?

So, keep it simple means three things:

  • Focus on Smart Training in Sports Officiating!!!
  • Ensure that MOST of your Nutrition comes from... Healthy Food, 'NOT' drive thru eaterees.
  • Use Protein Supplements, Weight Loss Products and other Nutritional Supplements to fine-tune...
    Your Performance.

Track What You Eat

Good sport nutrition starts by understanding what you eat. If you record what you crave and when, and what you consume before, after and during exercise, then you’ll know the best balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that works FOR YOU.

Choose Workout Routines that Emphasize Good Nutrition and Sports Supplement Choices

Healthy eating and nutrition is a habit that can be learned and cultivated. However, if you are the kind of person who needs external discipline to get started, a structured step-by-step diet plan to losing weight may be what you need. However, you need to combine the nutrition part WITH the workout routine to really achieve success.

Simple Nutrition Tips for Sport Officials

1. ~ Eat Breakfast
The level of glycogen in your liver can be substantially lower in the morning after hours of sleep, so you need to refuel your body. It is ideal to choose food items which contain all 3 macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat). For instance, fresh fruit with a yogurt or peanut butter dip, toast with eggs and low fat cheese, or whole grain cereals with milk.

2. ~ 3 – 4 hours before workout
Eat foods high in carbohydrates, such as pasta, breads, fruits and smoothies. Drink plenty of Water or Sport Drinks.

3. ~ 1 hour before workout
Have a snack of an energy bar, a granola bar, 1/2 bagel, large banana, or 4 to 5 graham crackers. Drink at least 12 oz of Sport Drink (usually 1 swallow or gulp equals about 1 oz).

4. ~ During Breaks or time-outs
Drink Water or Sport Drinks during time-outs. A Sport Drink will also give you fuel and replace sodium that is lost through sweat. NO... Soda Drinks  ;^(

5. ~ After Workout
Drink ~ 24 oz (3 cups) of Water or Sports Drink for every pound of body weight that you have lost while exercising. Therefore it is good to weigh yourself before and after workout. Also, check the color of your urine for hydration status. (The more yellow in color the urine, the more likely that you are dehydrated). Make sure to eat something within 30 minutes of ending your workout.

The above are only general sports nutrition tips. If you are a professional athlete, or are involved in body building or more endurance training programs, please speak to a Registered Dietitian for a customized nutrition plan.

Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong

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