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13 Soccer Referee Axioms
Austin Gomez
National Referee Instructor & Assessor
Western Maryland Soccer Officials Association

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"The following 13 axioms are derived from my 42+ years of experience as a Referee, Instructor, and Assessor. I have come across certain TRUTHS or POSTULANTS that are most meaningful for soccer referees throughout the ages: be it in the 60s all the way to the new century. Simple, beautiful truths do NOT change with time, but the use/misuse will have profound meaning & learning accumulation for any referee (at any level, throughout his refereeing career)."

Austin Gomez, 2003

- 1. Teams DECIDE... how the game will be played; Referee... DECIDES how the game will be called.

- 2. "QUICK" free-kicks... belong to the Players; the "Ceremonial" free-kicks... belong to the Referee.

- 3. Players may... DOUBT what the Referee may say but will never... DOUBT what the referee does.

- 4. If the Referee does not exact JUSTICE, the Players will!

- 5. FITNESS of the... Referee is great; but, more important, the... Referee must run for a purpose.

- 6. Referees may have... IMPERFECTIONS, but they should never be... INCOMPETENT.

- 7. 'The Game' of soccer... is the best TEACHER.

- 8. Coaches have PRIVILEGES while... Players have RIGHTS.

- 9. The OUTCOME of every game depends upon the performance of the Referee and the Crew.

- 10. Players will do... EXACTLY what the... Referee will allow.

- 11. The 'BENEFIT-of-DOUBT' should go to the 'attacking team'.

- 12. Once the game begins, the Referee becomes a MANAGER.

- 13. Players... WATCH the ball; the Referee... WATCHES players.

Nota Bene: SOCCER is a SIMPLE game for CLEVER people! Hence,

"Refereeing is Thinking" - "COGITO ERGO SUM ARBITER!"

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