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By Andrew Castiglione
Founder - Ken Aston Referee Society

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Work Hard

Players usually work at it-so should you. Everyone respects hard work. Tell yourself, "I’m going to stay with play. I’ll run with the players. I am up to this game. My effort will be worthy of this game." Earn respect. You are there to make calls that control the game. Make them!

Fans / Critics

Fans are usually ignorant of the laws, highly emotional and biased. Some yell, ‘get after’ referees. So what? Ignore them. Ask coach to deal with them, if they get out of hand. Sometimes coaches, others have good points to criticize. Some of that is OK. Ask experienced officials about it. Assessments can help. No player, coach or referee is perfect. Anyone can work to improve.

Be In Charge

Show confidence. Dress in proper uniform, knee socks up. Shoes polished. Be firm but positive. Act-never threaten. If it deserves your action- do it. Actions speak louder than words. Never justify or explain calls. Appearance, voice, whistles, and solid effort: show you are there to do the job. Say little. Let players play.

Turn Off Heat

When things heat up, emotions run high, you are the one to be calm. You can do the right thing, with a degree of calmness. Be sure, then act-under control. Make calls, especially fouls decisively, right away. If it looks like a bad thing-it is probably a foul. Stop it. Call it. Injuries-stop play. Be sensitive to the younger players. Young means you need to stop for even slight injuries- immediately!!! Slow it down. When things slow down, they cool off.

Say What?

If the moment is appropriate (quiet, calm, no controversy) then respond to polite normal tone of voice inquiry. " Why did you call that?” ‘I saw it that way.’ Or ‘The call has been made.’ "What’s the call?" ’Blue ball going this way.’ " You missed a throw-in.” ‘You’re right #12 we all miss a few. I’ll keep a closer eye out.’ "How much time left?" ‘Less than 10’, ‘about half the period left’, ‘under 2 minutes’, etc. (Be general. Later, you may have to stop clock for good reason.)

Never, NEVER!!! Debate a call.

Be decisive. Avoid talking to rude, hostile coaches or players. One cannot reason with the unreasonable person. Get on with play.

Yet you can be approachable & human: Example: If you point wrong way and realize your error, (before play has restarted), correct it. ‘I’m sorry, it is this way.’ "Ref watch the pushing." ‘Thanks, I will. Both teams.’ Then get on with play.

A moving ball is best friend of referee and players alike 

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