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“The Spirit of the Golden Cards lives on,”

... ago when I attended my first Ken Aston Referee Camp, we the campers had a chat with Ken Aston. I ask what he thought of the amount of use of the 'Cards' that was being used at the pitch. Ken explained that if you thought of the 'Cards' as bricks of Gold. Would "YOU" pass them out to every infraction on the law in a game? NO!, others and I said, we would be very prudent because of their weight and value. Ken then said if you do deliver or show a 'Card' if effects how the rest of the game is going to be played - i.e. 'The Spirit'. Ken also stated, if you issue a card treat it like Gold, money does have an effect on ones influence on life.

The attacker, the defender, offense, defense - Soccer is life is it not?

We "ALL" said like we had rehearsed it in a group... YES!

From that day forward, those Cards I treat as GOLD and they do have a Spirit about them!

So, here on the Ken Aston Website - The Spirit lives on!!! Metaphorically

I hope this website enlightens ones thought process in Refereeing... 'The GAME of "LIFE'.

Truly, the Spirit of the Golden Cards lives on...  See you on the pitch!

    ` \_
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